CINUK Annual Science Meeting 2022

22 October 2022 in Event

The first CINUK Annual Science Meeting will be held on Monday 5th December 2022 under the umbrella of the ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting 2022  at the Beanfield Centre, Toronto. This will be an important full-day and in-person meeting for project teams, funding partners and other programme participants. CINUK Programme participants are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting. Please keep an eye on this page  for any changes to the CINUK meeting programme.

2022 CINUK Annual Science Meeting Programme

The CINUK Annual Science Meeting is open to all CINUK project team members, collaborators and delivery partners, as well as representatives from funding and other partners. Inuit researchers, community members and representatives are especially welcome to attend.

Date: Monday 5 December 2022
Time: 0900-1700 Toronto, EST / 1400-2200 UK (GMT/UCT). Eastern Standard Time is -5 GMT/UCT.
Venue: Room 201B Beanfield Centre, Toronto


0900 Toronto (EST) / 1400 UK (GMT) – Welcome, Introductions and Outline of the Annual Science MeetingHenry Burgess

0930 Toronto (EST) / 1430 UK (GMT) – Programme Management Update: website, communications, annual reportingHenry Burgess and Nicola Munro

1000-1030 Toronto (EST) / 1500-1530 UK (GMT)COFFEE BREAK

1030-1210 Toronto (EST) / 1530-1715 UK (GMT)Project Updates: Part 1

Each team will have 15 minutes to provide an update on their project. There will be a Q&A of 15 minutes at the end of the session.  

  • IQP-ASR – Jackie Dawson, Vicky Peck and Philippe Archambault
  • ArcticEID – Susan Kutz and Clarence Kaiyogana
  • CCT – Karla Jessen Williamson and Jen Bagelman
  • BARIN – Helen Wheeler, Oliver Sonnentag and Lennie Emaghok
  • WildHealth – Géraldine Gouin
  • IMAGINE – Robert Way (online)


1210 – 1215 Toronto (EST) / 1710-1715 UK (GMT) – Welcome and Remarks – Jennifer Hubbard, President & CEO, Polar Knowledge Canada

1215-1300 Toronto (EST) / 1715-1800 UK (GMT) – LUNCH

1300-1305 (EST) / 1800-1805 UK(GMT) – Welcome and Remarks, Natan Obed, President, Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami

1305- 1500 Toronto (EST) / 1805-2000 UK (GMT) – Project Updates: Part 2

Each team will have 15 minutes to provide an update on their project. There will be a Q&A of 15 minutes at the end of the session. 

  • Anirniq – Yasemin Aktas
  • IFSNu – Nancy Wachowich
  • Sikuttiaq – Andrew Arreak and Trevor Bell
  • REMIROCaN – Cameron Johnstone, Katelyn Kirby, Daniel Barel, Ali Husnain
  • NSAR – Peter Kikkert (online)
  • Nuna – Dustin Whalen, Erwin Elias and Mike Lim
  • NGPlastics – Max Liboiron, Liz Pijogge, Melanie Flynn and Joseph Onalik


1500-1530 Toronto (EST) / 2000-2030 UK (GMT) – COFFEE BREAK

1530-1645 Toronto (EST) / 2030-2145 UK (GMT)Programme Development: Opportunities for Additional In-Programme Funding

  • Outline of Opportunities and Options – Henry Burgess
  • Discussion

1645-1700 Toronto (EST) / 2145-2200 UK (GMT) – Close and Next Steps