Boualem Ouazia

Co-Investigator, National Research Council Canada

Dr. Boualem Ouazia is a Senior Research Officer at the National Research Council Canada, with a strong expertise in the areas of residential and commercial buildings HVAC, ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ). He has led several research and applied R&D projects (>45 projects) related to HVAC systems, Ventilation/air distribution systems, heat and energy recovery ventilation systems, Northern housing, field intervention and monitoring techniques. He has been a community infrastructure thrust lead for NRC’s Arctic Program (2015-2020) to lead research related to Northern residential ventilation systems, and now he is the housing technical lead for the new NRC’s Arctic and Northern Challenge program. He is very active in the Canadian North and Arctic, managing several ongoing projects in collaboration with Northern and Arctic communities and organizations to both improve northern housing ventilation and IAQ.