Jean Allen

Collaborator, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

Jean was born and raised in Iqaluit, Nunavut. She is a Senior Research Advisor at Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI), an Inuit organization that represents Inuit in Nunavut and ensures the implementation of the Nunavut Agreement. Jean works within NTI’s new Department of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, which is committed to advancing Inuit self-determination in research by enhancing meaningful Inuit involvement in research to address Inuit needs and priorities, incorporating Inuit ethical values, ensuring Inuit access to results, and building research capacity among Inuit in Nunavut. Jean has an undergraduate degree in Microbiology and Immunology from Dalhousie University and a Master’s in Environmental Science from the University of Toronto Scarborough. Jean has work experience in both fields and  has collaborated on various research projects relating to Inuit health and water/food safety.   She is passionate about promoting ethical research that best supports Inuit health and wellbeing.