Kukik Baker

Collaborator, Executive Director, Aqqiumavvik Society

Kukik Baker has lived in Arviat her entire life and is currently Executive Director of the Arviat Aqqiumavvik Society and founder of Ujjiqsuiniq Young Hunters Program which trains youth in environmental stewardship, monitoring and land skills.  In 2019, on behalf of the Ujjiqsuiniq Young Hunters Program, she received the ITK Advancement of Youth Award.  Prior to her collaboration with IFSNu, Kukik was instrumental in the development of several of community-led recipe initiatives bringing the unique holistic perspective of actively investigating wildlife and environmental health to the local context, promoting respectful and sustainable harvesting and then using harvest to address food security across the community.  Actively involved in all Aqqiumavvik’s research initiatives, Kukik is experienced in working with southern research partners, designing and providing training workshops in Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit research approaches, in designing respectful research questions and methodologies, and in the management/analysis of data, to ultimately reporting outcomes in meaningful ways back to the community.