Paul Mann

Co-Investigator, Northumbria University

Paul Mann is an Associate Professor in Biogeochemistry at the Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences (, Northumbria University. Paul’s interest in polar regions grew out of a one and a half year stint working for the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) at Rothera Research Station as a Marine Scientist. Later, his move North to the Arctic was fuelled by his post-doctoral supervisor “sending him to Siberia for three months” – which sounds like a punishment… but was great! Here he learnt how amazing the Russian Arctic was and gained a life-long interest in frozen ground (permafrost). Paul co-leads a work package in NUNA focusing on the coastal ocean and how is being influenced by changing coast erosion. In NUNA, we will examine how changing environmental conditions are affecting navigation routes and coastal food web dynamics, affecting local transport routes and essential food resources.