Rhoda Katsak


Rhoda Katsak spent her childhood years living in Inuit hunting camps before being moved in from the land to attend Federal Day School in Iglulik. After holding various administrative positions for the Pond Inlet Hamlet, she was appointed Regional Director of Economic Development for the Government of Nunavut, a post she held from 2005-2020. Rhoda Katsak is co-author of the book Saqiyuq: Stories from the Lives of Three Inuit Women (1999), written in collaboration with her mother, Apphia Agalakti Awa, her daughter then Sandra Pikuyak Katsak, and Nancy Wachowich. Now retired, Rhoda and her husband Josh are actively involved in training  extended family members and younger generations of Inuit in Mittimatalik as hunters, seal skin seamstresses and country food cooks.