Shan Zhou

Collaborator, National Research Council Canada (NRC)

Senior Research Officer, Team Leader for the Nanoscale Measurement Team at the Metrology Research Centre of the National Research Council Canada (NRC), Adjunct Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the Carleton

Dr. Zou’s research focuses on the development of nanoscale measurement methods including the integrated multimodal techniques for characterization of nanomaterials and nanoplastics, as well as quantitative detection of cancer cells and cellular mechanical responses to drug treatments. She has expertise in nanomechanics, cytotoxicity measurements of nanomaterials, surface and interface characterizations. She seeks to contribute to a greater understanding of the effects of nanoscale materials on the environment and living systems, and to promote the safe and responsible use of nanotechnology tools and nanomaterials. She currently serves as the Secretary for the ASTM International E56 Nanotechnology Committee (2018-2023) and interim vice president of the Canadian Society for Chemistry.