Clara Manno

Co-Investigator, British Antarctic Survey

Dr Clara Manno is a Biological Oceanographer at British Antarctic Survey, BAS (Cambridge, UK) and honorary lecturer at the University of East Anglia (Norwich, UK). Clara has previously worked at the University of Tromso (Norway) and at the University of Perpignan (France) where she developed a strong passion for the Polar Ocean. Clara’s main research interest is to understand how human-induced environmental changes (i.e. ocean warming, ocean acidification and plastic pollution) affects the marine ecosystem and biogeochemical cycle. To achieve this, she uses a multidisciplinary approach, combining laboratory analysis, field experiments and modelling. She has been awarded with the Future Leaders Fellowship by the United Kingdom (UK) Research and Innovation as principal investigator on a project that evaluates the impact of microplastics in the carbon cycle (CUPIDO). Clara is co-chairing the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Plastics in Polar Environments Action Group (PLASTIC-AG), that aim to examine the presence, origin, and biological effects of plastic on Polar ecosystems. For further information about Clara, please see her profile page here.